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Systems Engineering Services

Rapidsoft Systems' multi-disciplinary approach and multi-dimensional skill sets allows us to provide Cloud Engineering Services. We can help you set up complex system set up and migration in AWS, Azure or Google Clouds. We provide our customers full cloud range of cloud migration services, and taking charge of their turnkey product development or system integration needs.

Cloud Migration Services

With growing business demand, IT capacity for innovation is decreasing. Infrastructure is all packed up with the applications. To fill the gap between growing business demand and IT capacity to accommodate new services, infrastructure needs to be freed up.

Our Cloud Migration services help in moving infrastructure , applications and business processes of an organization to cloud, thus freeing the infrastructure. Cloud migration is necessary to bridge the gap in business demand and IT capacity. Cloud Migration Services identify areas of risk and opportunities for improving the performance and availability of critical business functions. Our solutions mitigate risk, maximize performance and invoke robust, repeatable processes leading to future business growth. Services we offer:

Infrastructure Migration:

Rapidsoft Systems provides services for migration of infrastructure to cloud in collaboration with leading cloud providers like Amazon, Microsoft , IBM ,HP etc

Data Migration:

Rapidsoft Systems’s Unified Data Migration Framework is a standardized, repeatable, and reusable platform to enable end to end Data Migrations.

Platform Migration:

Rapidsoft Systems has hands-on-experience in developing and migrating applications on several leading platforms.

Application Migration:

Rapidsoft Systems's Migration of Applications to Cloud (MAC) is a proven framework for accurate, predictable, and accelerated move to the cloud. The framework is supported with factory model implementation for repeatable and predictable performance.
MAC has a six phase migration process with a well-defined set of artifacts used at each phase. Rapidsoft Systems uses in-house developed and industry popular tools to automate the migration phases so that enterprise application migration is done right the first time, every time.

Our experts combine decades of experience with industry-leading innovation to customize an approach specifically for your organization, its objectives and its infrastructures. It’s not uncommon for enterprise organizations to miss important requirements when planning for cloud adoption and Rapidsoft Systems’ services ensure total compliance, with no compromise or loss of data. Our strategies get you to the cloud faster and more safely so that your organization can capitalize on a more agile and cost effective infrastructure.

Rapidsoft Systems' System Engineering Services

Looking to create a prototype router that will combine GSM with Wi-Fi and revolutionize the market place, or trying to create a sensor networking system prototype that combines Zigbee with Wi-FI backbone and will replace all the current systems? What about creating hardware and software prototypes for venture or seed funding? Rapidsoft can help.

Rapidsoft teams and associates combine our capabilities to design hardware, write application and embedded software and organize product manufacturing. Our team of design engineers can assist you at every stage of the product development cycle – from initial cost estimates to product design and  deployment – saving you considerable time and money. Rapidsoft Systems' team has years of experience in creating cutting edge technology products for Fortune 500 major corporations in the USA and Canada. Our expertise includes creating hardware reference designs, including PCB layout and complex RF and Microwave systems design. We can take care of every thing from component selection to getting prototype assembled for testing.

Rapid Soft Systems
System Engineering World - Taking Care of Every thing in the Product Design

System Engineering Services for Production Ready Product Design

The System Engineering Services matrix below shows services that Rapidsoft Systems can do for you at each stage of the product development cycle, and how this accelerate time to market and reduce product costs.  Rapidsoft's system engineering expertise is generally available for design and development of wireless (Wi-Fi Routers), Cellular (mobile phones, accessories etc.) andcustom microwave communication systems, and all kind of networking/ telecommunication products.

Development StageDevelopment StageSystem Engineering Services
Phase 1Evaluation/ Feasibility Study Rapidsoft Team’s senior technology experts team analyze your design requirements, organize competitive product study, look feasibility of the product, assess ballpark manufacturing cost etc.
Phase 2Development/ Prototyping System Engineers work with you on feature set definition, Hardware engineers do preliminary design, assess Material and Engineering cost for prototype. Software Engineers look at both Embedded software and application software. The team makes build an buy decision for various subcomponents. Our Manufacturing and material specialist gets you a quote for building PCB, product boxes and volume manufacturing details. At the end of design period - the team is ready with reference prototype design.
Phase 3Production ReadinessOur reference or prototype is shown to manufacturing specialists, its manufacturability is evaluated, a volume manufacturing plan is developed with the customer. In mean time, Engineering team continue to test vigorously to make the reference ready for manufacturing
Phase 4Production Ramp, and Market Readiness Our team works on production schedule, gets you surprise ready product in the agreed quantity or you can make your own arrangements for production.
Phase 5After Market Support and Product Improvements Our support team will be able to provide engineering support. Our design team will work on new iteration of the product, if desired by you.

Benefits of Rapidsoft Systems' System Engineering Services

Rapidsoft Systems' System Engineering Services give advantages like:

Why Rapidsoft Systems:

With over 350+ software projects executed, you can simply count on our expertise, experience in giving you the right solution at absolutely lowest possible cost. If you would like more information, or want us to submit an estimate or a "no-obligation" quote for your project, contact us for more information.

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