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Asterisk Auto Dialer & Programmed Dialer for Click2Call

Rapidsoft Systems team has developed several tools for Asterisk. Asterisk Auto Dialer and Programmed Dialer for Click2Call are two software pieces avaialbel for sale. Both systems are provided as a hosted version as well as licensed software per server basis.

Asterisk Auto Dialer

The Rapidsoft Systems' Auto Dialer is hosted or licensed automated dialing software for a wide variety of voice message broadcasting needs. With Rapidsoft Systems' you can automatically call your contacts to provide important information, leveraging our solution across applications such as marketing messages, product updates, order status and delivery notifications, appointment reminders, political messages, and more.

With our hosted dialer you get all the benefits of a premise-based dialer, without the costs, delays or headaches. The Rapidsoft Systems' Auto Dialer enables you to:

Auto dialer is enables you to make automated voice calls from computer to regular phones. This solution is based on VoIP technology. The voice messages are forwarded from computer to phones via the network of an Internet based service provider.

This software product provides many advantages for you to be able to improve your corporate communication system in the most effective way to the most professional level. It allows you to complete e.g. business broadcasts, marketing call campaigns or surveys with less costs, less human sources and less time investments.

This solution provides many benefits:

How Autodialer Software works

It works as follows (Figure 1):

Asterisk Auto Dialer

Auto Dialer Operation

The list of recipient phone numbers can be uploaded from a csv file into the autodialer. Then you can decide whether you wish to record a new voice message or you wish to use a previously recorded voice message. In both cases you need to specify the full path of the saved voice message. Finally, you just need to click on Start button and the call campaign is started.

Autodialer makes it possible for you to handle thousands of telephone numbers easily, and dial them one by one automatically with the less effort on your side. You can upload your prepared call list to the software by a few clicks and you can start dialing. I n this way you can reach your target audience and collect important information fast and effectively.

Main Features

Due to its user-friendly interface, Ozeki Autodialer Studio is so simple to handle. When you use Autodialer you can concentrate on your call campaigns and on important details. You will not waste your time for difficult settings and configurations.

Making call list

You can make manually a call list or you can choose to upload your prepared call list. There is nothing easier than click on Load call list button and upload the list of telephone numbers. You can upload the call list from csv or txt files.

Voice message recording

You can upload a pre-recorded voice message from a wma file or you can choose to record a message. You can find a Microphone button on the toolbar. Click on it and now you can start recording your message. You are allowed to check your message after recording. Even if you wish, you can record a new one. When you are ready, load the sound.

Automated dialing

After you have prepared your call list and voice message, click to Start button and the software automatically deliver your voice message to the given phone numbers. Under the process you have the possibility to monitor the dialing and you can get information on the dialed numbers. You can check how many percent of phone numbers has already been dialed. Even you can get know how many answers you have got from clients.

Price and Licensing

Please contact us for more details on pricing and other custom features. We offer several pricing options - licensing and usage based pricings. Pricing based on the number of simultaneous channels (starting as a low as $150/per channel per month) or full paid liences starting $2500 available. Customization changes based on specific customer requirements can be done. Integration with end user systems is provided.

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