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Rapidsoft Systems leverages cutting-edge technology to provide and manage its clients’ critical enterprise processes and applications. Our competencies lie in setting up dedicated offshore software development teams for outsourced product development, software maintenance and independent software testing with a local project management team. This gives us a unique perspective on building any kind of software – be it related to e-businesses, mobile applications or the development of wireless applications.

Application Delivery Definition

"Application delivery" is the process of getting applications from the data center to the user as efficiently as possible. "Application delivery infrastructure" refers to the technology components that enable this efficiency across any network. A comprehensive application delivery infrastructure includes technologies that improve performance, availability, and security without compromising flexibility. Specifically, this includes components like application accelerators, desktop and application virtualization, application firewalls, secure remote access, WAN optimization, and performance monitoring.

To address these emerging requirements, Forrester recommends a twofold approach:

1. Make application delivery a strategic priority.

CIOs today are faced with increasingly challenging requirements — improving business processes, improving customer experience, and making IT more agile and responsive to today’s fast-paced business environment — all while reducing IT costs. This means moving from the traditional mindset of incremental application and infrastructure improvements to a system that can change on demand. By fostering an application-centric mindset and investing in an application delivery infrastructure, CIOs will have a single policy-driven infrastructure that provides the necessary business relevancy, agility, and focus to tackle these requirements.

2. Designate key application delivery owners across IT.

The goal is simple: Allow any user to connect to any app with a great user experience and the right level of security. Unfortunately traditional organizational silos often prevent this goal. As a result, each new application roll out involves fixed assumptions about the app and users that are hard-coded into the infrastructure. This creates severe business limitations the moment one of those assumptions changes, which inevitably occurs. To break this chain, CIOs must visibly and publicly designate key IT owners who are responsible for maintaining a flexible delivery infrastructure that is built once and reused for any new application. We recommend charging network architects with the delivery infrastructure for Web applications; IT infrastructure operations for Windows client/server applications; and desktop operations for the desktop application suites and operating systems needed to keep end users productive. the strategy of IT to the business.

Managing Cost of Applications Deployment

A Forseter Research survey shows that nearly two-thirds of the IT budget is spent “keeping the lights on” with ongoing operations and maintenance costs. Why is this important? Because today’s CIOs are too bogged down with legacy infrastructure limitations to focus on improving the business. Insufficient time is spent partnering with other executives to improve the top line. In fact, approximately half of respondents claimed that current trends in applications (e.g., Web 2.0, SOA, AJAX, software-as-a-service, and enterprise mashups) and user support (e.g., mobility, globalization, outsourcing, device proliferation, and the changing expectations of a new workforce) will only make the environment more complex.

Problems of Large Application deployments

Here’s a common scenario facing today’s CIOs: On the business front, you’ve recently been tasked with improving quote-to-cash processes and reducing customer churn. However, your company is encumbered by outdated transactional applications running on a mainframe. You’re exploring new application architectures using Web 2.0, Web services, and service-oriented architectures. But your current infrastructure is simply too siloed and can’t easily accommodate new technologies or the new business requirements. There is an emerging technology solution that helps, which Forrester refers to as application delivery infrastructure. We define this as: Technologies that streamline the connection of any user to any application by minimizing deployment burdens, reducing management costs, optimizing performance, and increasing security.

Rapidsoft Services for Deployment

Rapidsoft team of qualified can help in your applications rollout. We can train new users, prepare data and infrastructure migration plans and keep your system running. In particular, our team can prepare you and help your team in every step of deployment and rollout of new applications.

Deployment to Service Delivery

Application delivery isn’t about adding incremental resources for each application roll out. Instead, it’s about a shared platform that bridges that gap between your applications, infrastructure, and changing business requirements. It provides the necessary abstraction layer to make rapid adjustments in application requirements without hard-coding the changes to the underlying infrastructure. Application delivery infrastructure means CIOs don’t need to focus on the “technology stack” each time an app or user scenario changes. It breaks the traditional cycle of adding resources top-down: application dictates middleware platform, platform dictates server infrastructure, server infrastructure dictates storage requirements, storage requirements dictate bandwidth capacity, and so on. Instead, it turns the conversation on its side and connects any user — be it a customer, employee, partner, or vendor — to any of your application resources and data. This decoupling of infrastructure means a simpler, more flexible architecture.

Why Rapidsoft Systems:

With over 350+ software projects executed, you can simply count on our expertise, experience in giving you the right solution at absolutely lowest possible cost. If you would like more information, or want us to submit an estimate or a "no-obligation" quote for your project, contact us for more information.

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