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Why do Security Audits?

Security audits are typically conducted for the purposes of business-information security, risk management and regulatory compliance. If performed correctly, a security audit can reveal weaknesses in technologies, practices, employees and other key areas. The process can also help companies save money by finding more efficient ways to protect IT hardware and software, as well as by enabling businesses to get a better handle on the application and use of security technologies and processes. As bothersome as security audits are, business owners, executives and IT managers who truly understand them realize that periodic examinations can actually help ensure that security strategies are in sync with overall business activities and goals.

Rapidsoft Systems' Security Audit Practices and Activities

Our teams follow a well defined best practices model to do perform security audits. Our auditors accomplish their job though personal interviews, vulnerability scans, examination of OS and security-application settings, and network analyses, as well as by studying historical data such as event logs. Auditors also focus on the business's security policies to determine what they cover, how they are used and whether they are effective at meeting ongoing and future threats.

We use advanced computer assisted tools for our audits. All our auditors are field experts in the area with years of experience. The use of computer assisted Auditing Tools (CAATS) help auditors gain insight into a business's IT infrastructure in order to spot potential security weaknesses. CAATs use system-generated audit reports, as well as monitoring technology, to detect and report changes to a system's files and settings. CAATs can be used with desktop computers, servers, mainframe computers, network routers and switches, and an array of other systems and devices.

Rapidsoft Systems has developed a comprehensive program for auditing and assessing the security environment surrounding your critical information systems. A security program must encompass not only technology, but also people and processes. In fact, it is only once the program has been developed in terms of people and processes that it can be determined what technologies are appropriate to serve the security goals of an organization. It is critical that the requirements of an organization drive security technology, not the other way around.

Security Auditing Service Overview

Rapidsoft Systems’ security auditing services are designed to meet the needs of all size of institution and companies. By utilizing a combination of on-site audits of your computer systems’ configuration, your organization’s policies and procedures, together with automated testing of your systems to identify potential vulnerabilities, we provide you with a comprehensive assessment of your current security environment, and specific recommendations to correct any potential weaknesses that may be found. Key areas of the audit are:

External Network Audit:

Taking an outsider’s view of the network and seeing what is in place, and how it is configured, including quarterly network scans to identify potential vulnerabilities. Aspects covered during an external review are:

Internal Network Review:

Assessing the critical aspects of how security is implemented and enforced by your internal computing systems. Internal review include:

Policy & Procedure Review:

Security policies and procedures are the foundation of a secure network. Content, communication and enforcement are key to maintaining a security program.

Analysis & Reporting:

The audit report is a collective summary of how the network is currently operating, and what risk, and where improvements need to be made.

An expert at Rapidsoft Systems can answer all the related questions and help your company assess your security audit needs and process for your organization.

Why Rapidsoft Systems:

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