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Field Force Tracker & Work Force Tracker: Mobile Enabled Service Dispatch Software

Rapidsoft Systems' Field Force Tracker™ and Work Force Tracker™ are hosted service platforms for companies that needs to manage their field workers.

Field Force Tracker™ is designed to fit the needs of many service industries. It is customizable and easy to use. We help field service companies manage their appointments, dispatch mobile employees and invoice for the services.

Work Force Tracker™ is a customizable product for field sales, service and pick up organizations. It support custom forms, geo-fences locations, security alerts and more.

Field Service Management (FSM)System is designed to automate, manage, and transform the entire customer service operation. Organisations using the software streamline data management and reporting, and significantly improve customer satisfaction and retention.

Whether you operate a one-man-show or have a fleet of service vehicles, field service automation can benefit your company.

Service dispatch software

Service Dispatch Software - Dashboard

Here is a short list of the top six manual tasks you can automate with the help of field service management software:

  1. SchedulingField service software centralizes scheduling information and updates in real time, so employees can access customer history, view job sites, and check the status of existing work orders immediately! Personnel can also track workloads on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to increase appointment booking and efficiency.

  2. Customer Management Software allows you to organize customer details, including service history and payment information in a secure environment. You can access this information in real time, so you spend less time managing existing customers and more time bringing in new ones.

  3. Time Tracking A field service management solution allows you to manage timesheets for employees, including time off, overtime and pay policies. Plus, the software monitors time-effective services, as well as time-consuming customers.

  4. field service dispatch software

    Field Service Dispatch Software - Job History

  5. Work Orders FSM software digitizes forms and organizes them through each stage of a job, whether youíre at your desk or out in the field. This function helps you provide accurate project estimates and verify customer satisfaction. Plus, automating your work orders increases your speed and efficiency so you can move on to the next job without worrying about overdue paperwork.

  6. Invoicing The ability to invoice electronically and accurately within seconds of completing a job will improve your cash flow by cutting days off your service to cash cycle. The less time it takes to produce and deliver invoices to clients, the quicker your company can receive payment!

  7. Reporting You need to be able to track stats about everything that goes on in your company, and field service software does this for you easily. You can quickly find completed work orders, individual tech stats, revenue-driving services, inventory reports, and more. Software gives detailed insight as to how your business operates.
  8. You can get more details of our products at Field Force Tracker or at Work Force Tracker. It comes with its own mobile applications.

    field service dispatch software

    Workforce Management Reporting

    Right Job to the Right Person

    Filed Force Tracker ensures you send the right tech to the right job at the right time, with remarkable results. Our software ensures that you can increase first time fix rates and decreases average time to repair by at least 20%.

    Real Time Status of Jobs and Employees

    We provide real-time job status and get everyone on the same page. The staff that handle incoming calls, job scheduling, and dispatching are the voice of your company. Most often, they are the first contact a customer has with you. With an intuitive software, you have complete picture on a dashboard.

    Get All information on your finger Tips

    Field Force Tracker field service management gives your office staff instant access to:

    • Complete job schedule information
    • Specific Job status, including stop and start times
    • Job location information
    • Unscheduled work
    • Job History
    • Client History
    • Parts and Status

    Your business needs to be able to adjust to what happens in the real world at a moment’s notice. Field Force Tracker’s job scheduling interface minimizes the amount of time it takes to capture a service request –using the graphical user interface with drag-and-drop functionality, or the super quick ad hoc job dispatch interface.


    Reschedule on Different Dates or to Different Persons

    Having your office staff and field workers sharing job schedule information in real-time means hours instead of days for things like:

    • Pausing and restarting jobs
    • Reassigning jobs
    • Rescheduling jobs
    • Cloning jobs
    • Job History

    Helping You to be More Productive

    Enable your technicians to get calls faster, help dispatchers manage more calls and give owners a clearer picture of the dayís workload with Field Force Trackersís scheduling and dispatching. Simplifying scheduling and deploying techs more efficiently means completing more jobs daily, increasing customer satisfaction and creating more profit.

    Highlighted Features:

    • Quickly & easily access customer accounts and past history
    • Customizable customer qualification screen with drill down features to detailed information
    • Technician skill levels to assign jobs appropriately
    • Automate CSR scripts to enhance call taking process
    • Unlimited notes, date/time stamping & spell check
    • Optional customer email notifications with technician picture & profile
    • Color code dispatches for priority or enhanced organization
    • Daily, weekly monthly dispatch board views
    • Single Click scheduling functionality
    • Create multiple dispatch boards
    • Dispatch route optimization and Map support
    • Integrated mapping & GPS tracking available
    • Crew dispatching - Assign multiple people to the same job.
    • Technician time tracking, time sheets and pay rates integration

    Learn More about our Work Scheduling Software, By Clicking Here

    Reporting Tools

    The system provides robust reporting for the resource usage. Some of the reports available are:

    • Billing hours by type and by customer and by depot
    • Non chargeable Overtime by employee & who authorised
    • Cost Vs Income GP analysis by client
    • Shifts exceeding 12 hours in length exemption report
    • Signage left onsite report (pulled from job order form)will detail client, place, and time left onsite for billing
    • Contract renewal report, alerts to all projects & tenders approaching 12 month mark for rate increases
    • All actions involving overwriting PIN report

    Price and Licensing

    Please contact us for more details on pricing and other custom features. We offer several pricing options - One Paid License (Starting at $7500), pricing based on monthly volume (starting as a low as $40/per month). Customization charge based on specific customer requirements can be done.

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