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Our RFID and Sensor Software Capabilities

The technology is in our blood. A company started with people that developed IEEE and IETF standards, you can expect us to work on the latest technologies. Emerging Wireless and communications technologies at Rapidsoft Systems are at the heart of our operations. We are experimenting with RFIDs, we are testing sensor networking and we are using Zigbee software and development kits to try out things. We are quite unlike any other software outsourcing company that you can work with in India. Because we don't just make wild claims but we do things!.

The use of RFID technology in the retail industry has been increasing, albeit tentatively, and the debate over RFID in general continues unabated. Meanwhile, proponents are finding that RFID adoption is easier in the manufacturing sector and upstream in the supply chain, in areas such as asset tracking and inventory management, as well as security-related, government-driven applications, such as international air travel.

Increasingly, RF or radio frequency technology is being applied to a variety of areas -- including environmental monitoring and management, insurance, the pharmaceutical industry, and transportation systems management -- as part of wireless sensor networks, or WSNs.

Low power mesh networking, sensing and real-time location is a combination whose time has come. "Today's enterprises crave visibility across the entire supply chain and real-time data about objects -- and people -- moving through the system, as well as the condition of those objects. All this can help businesses streamline operations and provide better customer service.

Our Capabilities for RFID, Zigbee and Sensor Networking Software Development

We have been associated with low power devices software development for several years. One of the first application we did dealt with developing a pilot program with RFID integration for an healthcare facility. This allowed facility to monitor and log its equipment without requiring physically maintained paper logs. This taught us many lessons that technologies integration can bring serious savings and can solve complex problems when deployed properly.

RFID Capabilities
Our RFID Software Development Kit

RF chips have already been used in a wide variety of applications in many different types of organizations.

In the pharmaceutical industry, IBM is using RFID and sensor technology to help manufacturers and distributors protect consumers from counterfeit drugs. It is also working with one of the largest insurers in the UK, enabling their clients to receive customized insurance pricing by allowing safe drivers to put a sensor on their car

Integrating RFID in ERP and Supply Chain Software Systems

The inventory tracking process is an error-prone as well as time-consuming, often resulting in discrepancies between actual product status and the status recorded in the ERP system. This, in turn, causes problems for both customers and customer service staff, who share and act upon erroneous information. RFID integration by Rapidsoft Systems expert engineer can help you integrate RFID equipment with your in-house ERP systems.

We can integrate your supply chain processes and design a systems architecture that integrates sensors, RF chips, applications, databases and user interfaces to connect networked RFID readers with your warehouse management and order management systems, in real-time.

Integrating Sensors and Actuators in Enterprise Applications

Whereas RFID applications are making headway in the manufacturing sector, the going's been tougher in the retail industry.

Many smart companies such as Wal-Mart, the Department of Defense, Marks and Spencer in the UK and a few others are working on RFID solutions. RFID is worth is well proven, though there are some concerns too. There are technological constraints and privacy concerns prominent among abound. However, there is another area in which information systems and application developers see promise for RF technology: sensors and actuators.

Offering much more info than simple RFID, sensors can monitor and record conditions like temperature, humidity, pressure, wind direction and speed, illumination intensity, vibration intensity, sound intensity, power-line voltage, chemical concentrations, pollutant levels and vital body functions. Actuators can send and receive real-time data from the sensors -- sometimes thousands of them -- to learn about remote conditions and locations. And when sensors and actuators are mixed with RFID, well, then some pretty gee-whiz applications are created. Rapidsoft Systems' expert engineering team can help you create solutions that meet your needs. Our expertise in this area is second to none as we understand issues and RFID, Sensor technologies to their bones.

Broad Sector and Technology Knowledge Landscape

Rapidsoft Systems teams maintain technology expertise in the latest technical areas to keep customers up to date with innovative solutions and emerging capabilities. We are experienced with the latest technologies, methodologies and programming languages, such as:

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Working with our experienced team of developers offers the following advantages:

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