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Network Design and Integration Services

Our Network design and integration services practice provides the expert planning, assessment, and implementation involved in creating a robust business-quality multi-site, multi-city or even multi-country computer network for your business. We don't understand the technology at superficial levels - instead our understanding networks comes with decades of experience building network gears such as routers, switches etc. and setting up real networks. Rapidsoft Systems Networking integration services are currently restricted to the mainland USA and Canada only, but may be offered worldwide if they are a part of a Rapidsoft's turnkey software development or system redesign project.

Rapidsoft systems team provides expert network design and integration solutions backed by several decades of networking experience. We understand the challenges inherent in integrating today’s complex technologies. Rapidsoft Systems team of professionals brings a wealth of knowledge and industry experience to help you prepare your business for the future.

We do not sell hardware or equipment or are reseller of any services on behalf of any network service provider so we are unbiased in our recommendation of equipment manufacturers, sellers or network providers. We do what is the best for our customer.

Our Expertise and Experience

Rapidsoft Systems has been providing design, installation and integration services to its clients - we have designed large area networks using wide area links provided with Tier 1 ISPs. Our team of IT professionals can help you build a new network or redesign an existing one. Rapidsoft Systems has the technical expertise to exceed your expectations while keeping your project under budget and on time using best practices.

Rapidsoft Systems' Design Services Team will assess your network and analyze issues before suggesting a solution. Our Expert engineering team will then determine the optimal network infrastructure for your business with the speed, convenience and security you expect. Our unique project control oriented methodology ensures that your network infrastructure is secure, reliable and is able to grow with your needs. Moreover, we will advise you on newer networking technologies so that you can plan for the future. Rapidsoft Systems will design the entire network while making recommendations for hardware, software and components ensuring that all your goals are met.

Rapidsoft Systems does not sell hardware, software or components allowing us to make impartial recommendations about vendors equipment. Our only criteria is to make sure you get the best value for your money. We do not even recommend a vendor from where you should buy.

Our Network Integration Solutions Include

Infrastructure Management
A Typical Network Lay Out for a Complex High End Compute Intensive Server Installation

Data Center Design and Set Up

Rapidsoft Systems can develop turnkey solutions for setting up a data center. These services include planning, design, engineering, monitoring & maintaining data centers, computer rooms and server rooms. We will arrange co-location services if needed, and will also size server configurations from server vendors. We will also install Server software and configure routers and switches for VLANs etc.  We have a broad range of expertise to offer a complete end to end solution, resulting in an always Available, Scalable, Redundant, Fault Tolerant and Manageable Data Center.

Keeping challenges of modern business, Rapidsoft Systems' experts focus on creating data center solutions that can meet the following needs

Infrastructure Management
A Typical Network Lay Out for a Complex Multi City Delay Sensitive Network Installation

Wireless Wi-Fi Networks Design

Wi-Fi links are needed by every one these days since it has become the primary means to connect to the network in a conference room and guest lounges. But the issues of designing proper coverage and dealing with Oft talked Wi-Fi security aren't for untrained. Your data can be stolen if your network is not properly designed considering modern threats. Rapidsoft's expertise in wireless communication is unparalleled.

A Wireless LAN (WLAN) enables flexible access to information and promotes collaboration with colleagues, business partners, and customers. WLANs can also boost productivity and speed business decision making. As a Cisco Wireless LAN Specialized partner, Rapidsoft Systems can deploy a wireless LAN to enhance productivity, reduce organizational operating costs, increase business flexibility and the ROI of existing network infrastructures. Our wireless solutions address issues facing enterprises including: WLAN security, deployment, management, control and wireless VoIP.

Wireless Network Design, Optimization and Topology Assessment

Rapidsoft Systems wireless engineers design a customer WLAN based on individual business needs. Rapidsoft Systems develops designs that are efficient, scalable and secure by evaluating the network infrastructure and its capacity to support increased service demands.

Wireless Network Security Analysis, Planning and Customization

We develop solutions that address enhanced security such as built-in Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) and support for Network Admission Control (NAC). Real-time high resolution location services can be used to identify the location of rogue access-points and other wireless devices that need to be located. Rapidsoft Systems will collaborate with each customer to develop a comprehensive and detailed design for your guest access solution.

QoS Design for Voice Over IP Solutions Over Wi-Fi Networks

Wireless Networks enable organizations to bring the mobility and flexibility of wireless networking to their voice communications systems. Rapidsoft Systems will deploy a WLAN that is voice-ready and delivers important features such as QoS, security and fast secure roaming.

Mobile Devices Management and Integration

More and more companies are using Blackberry and iPhone for business applications, email and assortment of other activities. However, securing network or managing these devices for enterprise applications requires unique considerations. At Rapidsoft, we can help you manage these devices which, if not deployed properly, can create a big security hole in your infrastructure.

Why Rapidsoft Systems:

With over 350+ software projects executed, you can simply count on our expertise, experience in giving you the right solution at absolutely lowest possible cost. If you would like more information, or want us to submit an estimate or a "no-obligation" quote for your project, contact us for more information.

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