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System Integration and Deployment Services

Rapidsoft Systems was founded by engineers that for over 2 decades designed high-end IP Routers, Switches, Optical Networking Equipment and other telecommunication gears for ISPs and Telecommunication service providers. Networking technologies and its expertise runs deep in our vein - it defines the very foundations of our technology expertise. Therefore, after building and supporting large infrastructure and test beds of various ISPs and Telcom carriers for years, the system integration comes to us naturally.

A Broad Suite of System Integration Services

Our System Integration services cover wide range of services which include from designing networks to deploying servers and applications. Our Integration services are designed to create optimized infrastructure solutions to run true enterprise-class applications. These services are not only designed to help with the integration of new technologies and equipment, but with the management, configuration, installation and support of multiple vendors as well. We cover all aspects of your Infrastructure, Applications and Management Tools environments – helping you analyze, integrate, and manage a wide variety of current and emerging technologies.

Overview of Our System Integration Services

We provide integration services for a broad set of infrastructure equipment and technologies possible. We can address every aspect of your IT infrastructure. Some of our main services include:

Our services include:

End User Desk top Systems Rapidsoft Systems' engineering expertise can streamline the deployment of new desktops, notebooks, and handheld devices. We provide comprehensive desktop management services to off-load the day-to-day management of your desktop environment, improve service levels and highly experienced IT resources to focus on strategic initiatives. Our End User System Management Services include project management, asset management, desktop standards management, deployment, desktop security, onsite support/desk-side support and software management.
Consolidation and Virtualization Rapidsoft Systems helps you reduce costs, boost performance, and improve resource use by consolidating servers, storage, applications, and databases. Leading-edge technologies come from vendors that include EMC, VMware, Microsoft Virtual Server, and Data core.
Data Center Management By assessing and identifying weaknesses, severity levels, business impacts, and remediation alternatives, Rapidsoft Systems optimizes clients’ data center environments. Our assessment approach matches availability levels to business needs while ensuring flexibility, scalability, modularity, and redundancy. We design, and deploy various server operating systems such as Windows, all standard flavors of UNIX such as HP-UX, IBM AIX, Linux (RedHat & SUSE), and clustering solutions. We also provide Server Optimization, Consolidation, Virtualization, and Migration. Storage: We offer a variety of storage services including design, deployment, capacity planning, consolidation, virtualization of large Storage platforms (SAN & NAS) such as Net App, EMC, IBM, Sun, HP, Hitachi, Brocade, Cisco etc.
IT Infrastructure Rapidsoft Systems' IT Infrastructure design, planning, and assessment service seeks to maximize clients’ existing IT investments while planning for the future. Our experienced architects provide technical leadership in emerging technology areas such as blade servers, virtualization, consolidation, and clustering.
ITIL/ITSM This service helps IT organizations cut the cost and time it takes to prepare for implementation by retooling processes and refocusing resources to follow ITIL best practices.
Network Systems Design and Security Services Rapidsoft Systems' expert consultants help clients simplify enterprise networks, free up bottlenecks, improve performance, and enhance security.  o Network: We are uniquely equipped to help you in designing, implementing, and integrating scalable, reliable and cost-effective networks. We offer a broad range of security services including design, implementation, and migration of Firewall, IPS/IDS, Web Security, and SIEM tools.
Platform Leveraging best-of-breed processes and tools, Rapidsoft Systems helps design, integrate, or migrate between e-mail, database, and collaboration systems.
Security Rapidsoft Systems helps you assess, design, and deploy your security systems, including firewalls, IDS, IPS, and spam and virus filters. We’ll also work with you to develop security policies, gap analyses, and physical security.
Storage Rapidsoft Systems helps clients invest in leading-edge storage virtualization infrastructure so they can dispense with expensive monolithic storage arrays and gain the efficiencies of just-in-time disk technologies.
Systems A portfolio of consulting and integration services that match business needs with appropriate operating systems and help clients design, integrate, or migrate between them.

Software Deployment and Application Integration Services

We offer a variety of services centered around your applications and software tools. Our team possesses broad skill sets to install, configure and maintain many key enterprise applications from vendors such as Microsoft, Sun, CA, HP, IBM, Oracle, etc.. Our team help your organization take advantage of the latest technology developments and providing best integration services. As an organization focused on Infrastructure management, we can help you to establish best-in-class management tools to keep your operations run smoothly. Our services in this space include:

End-user Computing: Services include design, implementation, and integration of:

Security Applications: Our services under Security Applications include:

Our Integration Services Benefits

Leveraging our deep expertise in providing Infrastructure Integration Services, we help our customers in improving their performance with reduced operational costs. By following industry best practices, we deliver strategic benefits, which include:

Why Rapidsoft Systems:

With over 350+ software projects executed, you can simply count on our expertise, experience in giving you the right solution at absolutely lowest possible cost. If you would like more information, or want us to submit an estimate or a "no-obligation" quote for your project, contact us for more information.

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