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Rapidsoft Mobile Dialers (DTMF Dialers)

Rapidoft systems offers white labled mobile dialers for VOIP operators to allow mobile users to make long distance calls. These dialers use DTMF dialtone to dial out a called party number. Since they don't use SIP, they can work anywhere and on any cellular network. However, these dialers will use your local cellular minutes. We provide sperate SIP dialers that are designed for VoIP network where SIP is an apprpriate medium for calling.

Main Features of Mobile Dialers

Sample Mobile Dialer

Mobile SIP Dialer Example

When using these apps to make calls using a normal channel, bear in mind that a mobile carrier may charge a user for the airtime minutes. The key advantage of these simple dialers is that no data plan is needed to use them.

Rapisoft Systems, as the leading softphones development company, has the expertise to customise these clients for you. The applications will be changed tosuit your design and meet your business communication needs.

Mobile Call Through Dialer

Rapidsoft Systems Mobile Call Through Dialer is a white labled mobile application which eliminates the hassle of remembering the access number, pin and the destination number, while using a calling card. This application integrates with the phonebook of the mobile phone and makes calling card service as seamless as dialling a regular phone number from the mobile phone.

Rapidsoft Systems Mobile Call Through Dialer stores all the details like access number or pin in its memory on the first usage. This way your customers get the relief from entering these details every time when using the calling card.

It is an esiest way to enable your customers with the easiest way of using your calling card service from mobile phones.

With Rapidsoft Systems's Mobile Call Through Dialer, you can help your calling card customers from the below mentioned problems:

Features of Rapidsoft Systems Call Through Dialer:

Available Customization For Mobile Dialers

Graphical User Interface branding involves:

Requirements: Customer must provide the graphics or a mockup in case of a complete GUI change.

Functionality branding involves (most common):

Rapidsoft softphones, as white-label applications, are skillfully designed and compiled to fulfill your requirements, and therefore, requesting any of the above customization must take place in the pre-sale phase

Price and Licensing

Please contact us for more details on pricing and other custom features. We offer several pricing options - One Paid License (Starting at $2500), pricing based on monthly volume (starting as a low as $100/per month). Customization charge based on specific customer requirements can be done.

Download Now

You can download our rDialer applications from market place by clicking here: Rapidsoft System's rDialers

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