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Automate (TM) WorkForce Management System

Rapidsoft Systems' Automate [TM] Workforce Management system is a hosted service platform for companies that needs to manage labor force and assign them to various jobs, sites and location. If your company sends out labor, crews to your customers job sites and bill for their time, then Automate Workforce management can handle all the job assignements and keep track of your manpower, their shifts, times and billing. It is suitable for many companies such as Construction, Traffic Management, Security, Crane / Heavy Machinery Hire, Security, Engineering etc, that need to manage skilled and non-skilled workforce on job assignments.

Automate WorkForce Management is suitable for businesses of all sizes as it can scale to meet the needs of any enterprize. From small companies with fewer than 100 employees to international corporations with a workforce of several thousand personnel. It lets a company optimise its most valuable and expensive resources — its labor workforce and use them most optimistically..

Workforce management is all about assigning the right employees with the right skills to the right job at the right time.

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Although that might sound simple, it represents a complex business challenge. After all, countless factors come into play when you’re trying to make the right decisions. And companies often resort to pen-and-paper or spreadsheets when it comes to staff scheduling. The consequences are often disastrous and can include expensive overtime payments, unproductive idle time, high rates of staff turnover, poor customer service and untapped revenue potential.

That’s where workforce management and resource planning comes into play. By optimising, standardising and automating staff planning, this innovative system helps you assign your employees to tasks in line with your requirements. It leads to tangible benefits and an impressive return on investment.

Workforce Management

Workforce Management - Job Creation

Managing Daily WorkForce With Site and Shift Allocations

Automate (TM) Workforce Management System is a system designed to manage workforce and assign the to various jobs and sites. It goes beyond rostering and includes features to incorporate billing, timesheet management, contact management, shift assignments, site assignments and other features:

Automate is a flexible and powerful solution. Ideal for workforce scheduling in Utility, Service, Traffic Management and Security/Manpower based enterprises, it allows supervisors and managers to view, at a glance, all current and future staffing schedules. Rosters can be quickly and easily amended to accommodate changes as required. No more rubbing out. No more white boards. Automate WorkForce Management makes your management team more efficient, more productive and better able to look after your core business, your customers.

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Through detailed reports the system enables you to track absenteeism and build a clear picture of employee time, attendance, overtime, flexi-balances and holiday leave, while at the same time complying with legislation. By interfacing with your Invoicing and Payroll Systems it also becomes easy for administration staff to check that the hours scheduled for employees were actually paid and billed.

Workforce Management

Workforce Management - Rostering

In one example of usage. Automate will be used by the skilled labor supplying company to manage its daily workforce. The customer will add the job details and client will assign the job to the their employees as per the job details. Other selection criteria, can be applied in the rostering process. Admin will manage the clients and rostering process, customers and can view the employee records, jobs and reports etc.

Features of Workforce Management Systems

The system has a wide variety of features that enable automating reporting as well as staff assignments. The main modules are-

a. Front End Modules

b. Customer Dashboard

c. Client Dashboard

d. Employee Dashboard

Workforce Management

Workforce Management Reporting

Reporting Tools

The system provides robust reporting for the resource usage. Some of the reports available are:

Price and Licensing

Please contact us for more details on pricing and other custom features. We offer several pricing options - One Paid License (Starting at $7500), pricing based on monthly volume (starting as a low as $150/per month). Customization charge based on specific customer requirements can be done.

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