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IPR and Patent Development Services

Technology is at the heart of our company. We are an R&D focused company and we value and respect your patents in every thing we do.  And moreover, we help you generate and create patents when you can. After all that is the benefit we can provide since we have a number of patents of our own, and have been through the process numerous times.

Rapidsoft's Patent consulting team is an independent practice by itself. The team includes experts in many patent areas and includes both technology and strategy experts. Our these services are often combined with recommendations for or arranged services for legal filing services by selected third party patent attorneys.

Patent Claim Charts Development & Evidence of Use (EOU) Development

Rapidsoft has ability and experience to to prepare quality claim charts for the litigation support whether you area asserting the claims or preparing the rebuttal for the claims. We also help you develop rebuttal material for any patent assertions against you using our expertise in product reverse engineering and tear downs and other material. We make use of a specially developed product reverse engineering tools to gather Evidence of Use (EOU) in the number of areas. Our hardware and software labs have all kind of necessary tools to reverse engineer many complex products.
We have access to modern patent mapping tools. We also have access to all kind of patents making accessing patents information by countries, by companies, by competitors and by persons. We can evaluate and compare patent claim charts and evidence of use and give our expert feedback. We can advise our clients about likely misuse of their patents using special data mining techniques developed by us in-house. We can develop claim charts in the number of areas such as networking, software, communication, wireless technology, telecommunications, computer storage and a lot more. Our team members have evaluated large portfolios of tens of thousand patients and created hundreds o claim charts or Evidence of Use (EoUs).

Reverse Engineering & Product Tear Down services

When it comes to defending your client’s intellectual property in a court of law, you need a partner capable of uncovering the evidence necessary to support your claims – and you need that support fast. Our expereinced team has managed thousands of Wor Chances are your client does not have the time, resources or staff expertise to make your case, and especially does not have sufficient teardown and reverse engineering services. When you need IP evidence, modeling and research to ensure the best possible legal outcome, you need TechPats expertise as a leading reverse engineering company. When you partner with Rapidsoft Systems, you ensure maximum patent protection or client defense, including the following litigation resources:

Pre-litigation analysis, Reverse engineering services and teardown, Expert reports, Infringement analysis, Evidence of Use (EoU), Claim charts, Invalidity analysis
Our in-house engineering team leaves no stone unturned, investigating every angle and creating the detailed visual demonstrations you need to make your case in a court of law. We offer broad coverage in our reverse engineering capabilities.

One of the services that we provide is technical Patent development and consulting services to our clients. These services include, but not limited to:

patents Development and Portfolio Management Services
Rapidsoft Systems' Patents Development Services

Evidence of USe (EOU)/ Claim Charts Development Consulting Services for Law Firms or End Users

IPR and Patent Services
Patent Analysis in Progress for an Industrial Client

Our Patent Claim Charts Development Team's Services

Our patent consulting and management practice includes several innovative services specailly geared for small and medium size business units where engineers may not have the expertise to create or write rebuttals or evidence of use. In many instances engineers, either don't have time or not fully aware what is patentable and what not. This is where Rapidsoft's experts can help in any litigation.

Patent “landscape” Analysis Services

In this type of assignment, our technology expert will answer questions to a number of strategic questions such as:

Patentability Mining and Concept Validation Services

One of the key areas that we provide help is patents mining in your engineering teams. This is to help you find out your hidden areas of patents. Not all engineers know what is patentable and what not. They also often don't know how valuable some of these patents can be to the company. Our technology expert will personally sit with your engineering team in groups and try to find out possible areas of patents and then generate a report as to how many ideas were discovered and what is a possible patent or now.

Patent Portfolio Management and Competitive Strength Analysis

Patents are an important tool in creating competitive strength. One cannot over emphasize the importance and role of pro-actively patent data mining and their future use in the competitive intelligence. The key issues discussed below are:

  1. What is the role of patent data mining;
  2. How to Use Patent data for competitive intelligence.

Data Mining is a process of discovering meaningful new correlations, patterns and trends by sifting through large amounts of data stored in repositories, using statistical, data analysis and mathematical techniques.

Patents are the most valuable and comprehensive source of the technological information and thus are very crucial for the industries. A very strong patent portfolio and IPR system is needed for a industry to compete the global market. An organization's patent portfolio forms a critical part of its IP holdings alongside its designs, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets.

Much of the value from a portfolio can only be realized through its effective management.

In turn, that requires tools and techniques to help understand portfolio content, how and where this fits in with the organization's competencies and what the market opportunities are for exploiting the technology owned.

Patent Portfolio Gap Analysis

There is also a need to identify gaps where complementary technology can be licensed in and identify non-core technology where know-how can be licensed out or divested for financial return. This is the province of patent mining. A clear and effective IP strategy critically incorporates a clear and effective strategy for managing an organization's patent portfolio.

There are several free and paid patent databases consisting of billions of the patent documents. The databases which are free to search the patents are as follows: USPTO, EPO, JPO, SurfIP, SIP, Freshpatents, Patentsonline, etc. Whereas different paid databases are PatentCafe, Delphion, Dialog, Micropatent, etc. which also include inbuilt analysis tools.

The data obtained from these patent documents can be used for the competitive intelligence. It is defined as process of discovering "competitor's" strategic decisions, or of business area characteristics, using quantitative analysis techniques applied to data and information, obtained through legal process, regarding the chosen competitor or business area.

Patent Searching and Analysis

Patent searching and analysis is done based on the objective. Patent data can be used for the competitive intelligence in different ways as mentioned below:

Theme Search: Theme searches provide the overview of patents related to your field of interest. These searches are helpful to detect the recent trend of your technology area and to establish your R&D direction. As these searches are fully client-oriented, the point of our work and report format is supposed to be various according to your needs.

Patentability Search (Novelty Search): Patentability search is the first step of patenting process. A patentability search surveys patents filed in each national intellectual property office to check whether there exist inventions similar to yours. If you have a plan to file your invention to other jurisdiction, then wider patent search is required.

Patent Search Support and Prior Art Comparisons

A lot of time is needed to search for prior art and analyze already filed patents. Our expert team can help you analyze past and current field applications. This can save you thousands of dollars in filing applications that will get rejected by the patent office.

Patent Document Development and Patent Document preparation

Our team working with a qualified attorney can help you file both provisional and full patent applications. This will allows your internal engineers and scientist to focus on work development work rather than preparing text. They remain in full control of their applications and contents but our expert writers can convert their notes and ideas in to full applications in the matter of weeks.

Benefits of Our Patent Consulting Services

Why Rapidsoft Systems:

With over 350+ software projects executed, you can simply count on our expertise, experience in giving you the right solution at absolutely lowest possible cost. If you would like more information, or want us to submit an estimate or a "no-obligation" quote for your project, contact us for more information.

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