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Facebook, Twitter and MySpace Applications Development

Facebooks Integration in Mobile or Web Apps

Today's youth and adults are what marketers are calling Web 2.0 Generations. Facebook, My Space, Twitter, Friendster, LinkedIn and Orkut etc. social networking  sites are immensely popular. If you are a company whose target market is technology savvy consumer of today - you can ignore the perils of ignoring this segment at your own risk. But if you decide to make a plunge into targeting these customers - Rapidsoft Systems Web Applications Development Team can help you. We can quickly get you your custom widgets and applications that are specially developed around your custom requirements.

We have very strong web applications development team and we work across all platforms and phones. Checkout our portfolio here.

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Rapidsoft Systems Facebook Widget development Services

Facebook's popularity has made it a major candidate for all enterprises to integrate it in their marketing plans. Needless to say that in the last few years of its existence, facebook has overtaken very other social networking site in popularity. The reason of its popularity is myriad of applications and widgets that a user can add to their social profiles. With the inclusion of widgets it is bound to strengthen its position in the market. Widgets are stand alone applications that can be integrated into websites, thus various facebook widgets can be integrated to your website making it more profitable for you and engaging for your potential customers.

Social Networking Widgets Software

Facebook Widgets are platform independent applications i.e. they will run on any website/social network and can be easily integrated on to mobile phones.“Facebook Widgets” make brand promotion and social networking easier and gives the company better customer reach and engagement.

Facebook Connect

Connect your social network script with Facebook to instantly grab user's profile data, integrate with Facebook's comment and activity system, and much more. members sign up in seconds and import their Facebook profiles.

With the Facebook Connect APIs you gain access to:


Integrate your site with Twitter to help you grow it virally. When members update their status through your social networking site, a Tweet (which can include your site URL) is automatically sent to their Twitter account for friends to see.

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