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Rapidsoft Mobile Video Server Platform:
Rapid Video Server & Mobile Video Clients

Rapidsoft Video Server is a white-label mobile video publishing service that enables media companies to distribute their existing TV, radio, video and audio services to mobile devices easily and cost-effectively using their own brand. If you need to send video to mobile phones or devices, give Rapidsoft Video Server a try!

Rapidsoft Video Server is an end-to-end web 2.0 service that is based on a mobile video server, a white-label rich media mobile client and mobile web site. Rapidsoft Video Server provides tools to customize the look & feel of the content service. End-users can access the content using any video-capable mobile phone that has a web browser. For some mobile devices, a mobile client application can be made available to consumers to download via the media company’s web-site or, in some cases, by sending an SMS to a short code number. After downloading and installing the client, consumers can discover and consume content with their mobile phone. We support iPhone, Android, Symbian, and Other phones.

What is Rapidsoft Video Server?

It allows to offer movies, TV shows and live videos and news contents to rapidly emerging mobile users. We take care of all logistics and contents encloding. We will even be able to create custom white labled custom mobile clients for you.

Video Server
Mobile Video Server

Mobile Video Server

Deliver live & on-demand enterprise news, announcements, training or advertising to 3G mobile phones and PDAs by integrating a Rapidsoft Mobile Video Server into your organizations' media plans. Employees, customers and business partners will be able to access up to the minute announcements, news and training information via your enterprise intranet, extranet or the internet. All from the palm of their hands and just a simple click away with media client provided by us. Our Mobile Server supports multiple media formats including Real Media, Quick Time, MPEG-4, Mobile 3GPP (H.264 & H.263) and Windows Media.

Media companies can create a presence for their brand in the pockets of consumers. Leveraging their existing TV, video, radio and audio content on mobile phones creates substantial new revenue opportunities for brand content owners and aggregators. Streaming video on mobile devices is a "must have" feature for today's mobile consumers. Consumers can access their favorite media content anytime and anywhere during those frequent idle moments. Discovering and consuming content with any mobile device is easy and enjoyable. The service has a monthly fee based on the amount of content that has been delivered to your customers. For live video/audio streams there is an additional fixed monthly fee per stream. Please see the features sub-page for.

The publisher has full responsibility for all issues related to content rights or legal matters such as country-specific regulation. Before you send video to mobile phones or devices, please make sure you own the necessary rights for the content. Depending on your needs we can limit access to your content by country or other geographical area (U.S., Europe, India etc.).


We take an existing stream, such as a Shoutcast stream, and broadcast it to mobile devices. You only need to provide us the source URL of your live stream. We handle content transcoding and optimization for all different mobile phones. We support both banner ads and video ads. Ad support is provided by integrating to publisher's ad platform or to any major third-party ad network. Ad formats supported by Rapidsoft include MMA (Mobile Marketing Association) defined formats for banners and video. We support several options. In case of live streams we need the source URL. In case of on-demand content an RSS feed can be used. Rapidsoft Video Server can convert your content into a single destination address (URL). The URL produced by Rapidsoft Video Server can then be used to publish your content on any website for playback on any mobile device.

Rapidsoft Systems imports the source content, transcodes it and uses its own streaming servers to deliver the optimized content in the right format to mobile devices. Rapidsoft Server automatically recognizes the device that is used to access the service and chooses the content tailored to fit that particular device.

DRM Integration

We can add custom DRM solutions. Contact us for details.

Extensive handset support

Rapidsoft Video Server currently recognizes video-capable mobile devices and automatically adapts your content to the optimal format supported by the device. We support all mobile phones with video and Internet capabilities - at the moment, there are over 5000 different models in our supported database. We support the iPhone and iPad, including adaptive bit rate and http live streaming. Consumers can access the content if their mobile phone has an EDGE, 3G, 3.5G, 4G, EV-DO or WLAN connection.

Advanced Mobile media player

For most mobile devices, we can provide an advanced Mobile media player for easing the content discovery and consumption. The media player can be distributed from any web site or from mobile application stores.

Price and Licensing

Please contact us for more details on pricing and other custom features. We offer several pricing options - licensing and usage based pricings. Pricing based on the number of subscribers (starting as a low as $2/per consumer per month). Customization changes based on specific customer requirements can be done. Integration with end user systems is provided.

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