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Rapidsoft Mobile Radio Server Platform:
Rapid Radio Server & Mobile Radio Clients

Rapidsoft Radio Server is a white-label mobile Radio streaming service that enables media companies to distribute their radio streams with a custom branded Radio clients for various mobile phones. Branded Radio Clients for individual Radio stations are also available without Rapidsoft's streaming server and services.

Rapidsoft Radio Server is an end-to-end web 2.0 service that is based on a mobileaudio streaming server, a white-label rich media mobile client and mobile web site. Rapidsoft Audio Server provides tools to customize the look & feel of the content service. End-users can access the content using any audio-capable mobile phone that has a web browser. For some mobile devices, a mobile client application can be made available to consumers to download via the media companyís web-site or, in some cases, by sending an SMS to a short code number. After downloading and installing the client, consumers can discover and consume content with their mobile phone. We support iPhone, Android, Symbian, and Other phones.

Rapidsoft Mobile Radio Plan

Our streaming server allows you to set up an internet radio streaming server that can be received using mobile Radio clients. Rapidsoft system plan includes white labled Radio clients that will be customized for you. We allow you to rebrand these clients. You can really brand your name, create credibility and build loyalty with these listener-interactive apps that stream your station and broadcast in a high-quality AAC+ or MP3 stream. Our Ad-delivery Server also allows you the option to display ads from major advertisers and share in the revenue.

Customization of Mobile Radio Clients

For customizing radio clients, all you need to do is send your logo, market slogan, a couple of links to your favorite social media sites, your site, email address - and we will do the rest. Rapidsoft Systems will help you in distributing your custom radio apps to the respective provider sites so your listeners can download them anytime free of charge.

Adding Custom Banners in Mobile Radio Clients

You simply link them with a promotional banner or button on your websites and pages, and everyone will have instant access to listening to your station while they are on the go. Having your own player also means higher dwell time, because they donít have to navigate through one of the many streaming portals out there in order to find you.

Mobile Phones Supported

We support iPhone, Android, Symbian, and Other phones.

Features of Mobile Radio Apps

all custom mobile apps support the following features:

The apps deliver high-quality AAC+ or MP3 streams, are engaging, interactive and visually impressive and are what you need in todayís exploding mobile listener market.Integrate the Ad-delivery server and you have potential to earn additional revenue from your mobile listeners.

Price and Licensing

Please contact us for more details on pricing and other custom features. We offer several pricing options - licensing and usage based pricings. Pricing based on the number of subscribers (starting as a low as $2/per consumer per month). Customization changes based on specific customer requirements can be done. Integration with end user systems is provided.

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