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CBRN Threat Detection Systems for Homeland Security

Defentect CBRN Detection System - Homeland Security Solutions

Rapidsoft systems provides complete solution for homeland security for CBRN detection system in partnership with several US security companies. We are official worldwide distributor of world's most advanced CBRN systems.

The system consists of several systems
1. Defentect CBRN System
2. Video Analytics Solutions
3. Advanced Fibre Optics Perimeter Protection System
All these products are backed by security experts on the homeland security.

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Dealing with Threats to Homeland

The security planners are rightly concerned with a number of vulnerabilities which harbor the potential for terrorist attacks killing or injuring hundreds in one attack:
  1. Terrorists compromising the structural integrity of key national structures such as airports,tracks, bridges, and tunnels.
  2. Terrorist attacks at malls, airports or another important national infrastructures;
  3. Terrorist attacks on key national monuments etc.
  4. Terrorist attacks on key government buildings and other important facilities setc.
We have the right solution to help thegovernment departments detecting the threats before they occur using advanced technological tools.

Our Advanced CBRN Threat Detection Solutions

Our advanced Defentect Threat Awareness Solution can provide security over the complete gamut of threats:

System Built Around Advanced Security Technologies

The unique core of the Defentect Threat Awareness Solution is Defentect’s DM3 software. DM3 gathers data from virtually any sensor, motion detector, video analytics enabled camera, which can live on a data network; then, using its algorithms, DM3 seeks and identifies anomalies in the data and forwards that new information to an unlimited number of virtually any type of device which can receive a message--such as SMS, email, smartphones, voicemail, XML --and notifies those who should respond or be notified of the event, instantaneously and without human action required.

Homeland CBRN terror threat detection system

While every hardware manufacturer has software to work with their own equipment, DM3 is uniquely capable of working with all known sensors/cameras/detectors. While many software programs will alert a central command console, DM3 is uniquely capable of both alerting a central command console and alerting literally an infinite number of recipients with an infinite number of alerts, specified recipients receiving specified alerts, with digitized files, such as floor plans and the names of authorized personnel, forwarded to the relevant recipients. DM3 and the networked equipment not only can provide alerts before a catastrophic event, but also can continue to provide critical information and messaging to first responders during the key seventy-two hours of a crisis event.

The Defentect Threat Awareness Solution, developed some time ago, is deployed within the United States, and is a proven threat-awareness solution for nuclear power plants, hospitals, and other high-value targets. Originally designed for first-responders in a high threat environment, and based on a distributed network of sensors, the system protects and defends by sending real-time notifications to multiple pre-designated security command centers when the presence of a threat is detected. The integrated Defentect DM3 system enables customers to add other threat event detection capabilities to their security systems and to easily customize highly configurable alerts when any anomaly is detected and change the notification list. Administrators can designate alerts to be triggered to cell phones, smart-phones, pagers, PDA’s and other devices through text messages, calls, or email.

Homeland CBRN terror threat detection system

Defentect combines passive surveillance and active alerts when a threat is detected. No special training or added security staff is required. DM3 is designed to overlay onto existing surveillance infrastructure. DM3 is easily integrated with the full complement of data-based security systems, from stand-alone to enterprise-level solutions. Threat-level alerts are generated to multiple user accounts with various privileges.

Communication features of DM3 provide the ability to receive and process data over a network from sensors to an incident command center as well as to PDA’s, cellphone, smartphones, pagers, or computers. DM3 is networked using IP and managed over the Web. DM3’s proprietary algorithms analyze data and alert multiple authorities to a security threat, removing the local “on-scene” personnel’s need to interpret the data.

In addition to the hardware, the software, and the installation of the hardware and software at any location, the Defentect Threat Awareness Solution can provide the specialized training, and personnel, needed from experts with experience in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Price and Licensing

Please contact us for more details on pricing and other custom features. We offer several pricing options - licensing and usage based pricings. Customization changes based on specific customer requirements can be done. Integration with end user systems is provided.

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