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Rapidsoft Mobile Ad Server Platform:
Rapid Ad Server (TM)

Rapidsoft's Mobile Ad Server platform, serves the foundation for new mobile apps that are advertisement driven allowing you to insert your own adverstiment to mobile applications.

Rapidsoft Ad Server Overview

Rapidsoft Ad Server is a very powerful tool that specializes in serving ads for mobile advertising. Rapidsoft Ad Server has been fully developed in house from ground up and integrated with a number mobile applications. The Rapidsoft Ad Server started with our need to integrate mobile advertisement in various mobile applications that we were developing. It combines features of location, self contained ad management and analytics capabilities.

Rapidsoft Mobile Ad server fully automates booking of advertisement. The advertiser can open their own account and submit their advertisement and their distribution criteria.

Fully Automated Operation

Mobile advertising require co-operation of several stakeholders.:

The Rapidsoft Ad Server admin is responsible for configuring the system parameters. Heís also responsible for creating and authorizing operators and publishers. Finally the admin operates and monitors the system.

Extensive Campaign Management Features

In Rapidsoft Ad Server, an advertiser may have multiple campaigns. Each campaign may consist of multiple ads. Rapidsoft supports an ad for to serve different mobile applications Campaigns and ads may be targeted in order to be more effective.

Each campaign has a budget, specified as the number of impressions to be served. In addition, the advertiser may specify a daily limit on the impressions served for a campaign. A campaign also has a priority associated with it. Rapidsoft Ad server offers multiple priority levels for advertisement

The ad server uses the budget and other selection parameters in order to fairly serve all campaigns without starving any of them. Many other parameters are used in serving the advertisement such as location, budget etc.

Multile Advertisement Formats Supported

Operators (in Rapidsoft Systems terminology, the term includes mobile operators, mobile ad networks, content providers, and mobile application developers and publishers) consume ads. An operator who has an account on Rapidsoft Ad Server may request an ad of a specific format from the ad server using a self administered interface. An operator subscribes to specific ad formats and may only request ads of the formats it is subscribed to. The ad server authorizes the operatorís request before serving the ad.

An advertiser may select to limit her campaigns and ads to specific operators or geographical areas only. Similarly, an operator may specify a limited set of advertiser from which to request ads.

Integrated Advertiement Analytics

The Rapidsoft Ad Server generates statistics of the ads served. The statistics may be classified and/or filtered by advertiser or by operator and can be broken down by location and/or device type. The Ad Server enables both the CPM revenue model as well as the PPC revenues model. The statistics generated track both impressions served and click through.

Supported Formats

Ad Formats. Rapidsoft Ad Server serves ads of the following formats:

All ads served by the ad server comply with the Mobile Marketing Associationís (MMA) recommendations for format and size.

Targeted Advertising Support

Targeting. Rapidsoft Ad Server offers a comprehensive set of ad targeting and selection criteria. These criteria include:

Price and Licensing

Please contact us for more details on pricing and other custom features. We offer several pricing options - licensing and usage based pricings. Pricing based on the number of subscribers (starting as a low as $2/per consumer per month). Customization changes based on specific customer requirements can be done. Integration with end user systems is provided.

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