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Mobile Wallet Money Transfer

Mobile Wallet: Money Transfer and Bill Payment Solutions For Banks and Other Financial Institutions

Rapidsoft Systems, Inc. offers Mobile solutions for Money Transfer and Bill payment for the financial companies such as banks and the post offices. Mobile Wallet enables mobile subscribers to perform secure and convenient money transfer using their mobile phones.

Key Features of Mobile Wallet System

Mobile wallet is an integrated mobile money transfer and bill payment solutions for emerging mobile payment market. The Mobile Wallet solution for Mobile Money Transfer comprises of the server, user application, as well as system integration services. The solution, being marketed as the Mobile Wallet service, works on many major handsets and will enable mobile subscribers to perform secure and convenient money transfer using their mobile phone. The mobile clients for Mobile Wallet can utilize data networks with smart phones as well as work using SMS based transactions on low end feature phones. The deployment of Mobile Wallet solution can help banks and financial institutions reach both banking and non-banking subscribers to receive money in a secure and safe manner. The system is available on turnkey basis with all components including full system integration services.

User Friendly Interfaces

The Mobile Wallet’s user-friendly interface enables mobile subscribers to make secure and easy peer-to-peer money transfers and pay every day utility bills from their mobile phones. The Mobile Wallet can be used for making or receiving payment of many regular payments. For Instance, subscribers can arrange to have their pensions and other regular income paid directly into their mobile wallet -an innovative feature. This greatly empowers banks and financial institutions to connect with unbanked in rural areas and increase their reach at a very low cost. The system has been designed with security and end user convenience in mind. The initial system deployment/pilot launch of services is being planned with banks in various markets.

Key Benefits of Mobile Wallet

The mobile money transfer is simply another way to send money. It is a transfer of money to a receiver in which the funds are deposited into a “virtual” wallet accessible by a consumer's mobile phone. The benefits of a mobile wallet are:

Mobile Wallet is an ideal solution in a modern world where people are always on move. There is often a need to transfer money from a migrant family member to other family members. Mobile Wallet can reduce the cost of money transfers, and reduce the long delays in money transfers. The deployment of mobile payment services can create a win-win situation for everyone. We are open to partnership with cellular operators, banks and other service providers.

Mobile Wallet in Action

Mobile Wallet Money Transfer offer a solution that is a feature rich, easy to use and deploy. During development, we took the concerns and needs of an average consumer who may not be very technology savvy. Secondly, banks need a secure solution that is as secure as all other operations of banking systems. To achieve that we have integrated highest level of security at all levels. We believe that we have a well implemented solution for banks, operators and other financial companies that wants to offer such services to their subscribers in any part of the world."

Mobile wallet solution is jointly marketed by Rapidsoft Systems, Inc. and GSS Ltd.

 Blackberry Mobile Money Transfer  Blackberry Mobile Money Transfer
 Blackberry Mobile Money Transfer  Blackberry Mobile Money Transfer
 Blackberry Mobile Money Transfer  

Blackberry Mobile Money Transfer Application Screenshots

Since 2008, Rapidsoft Systems has specialized itself into the development of various mobile applications and has became a dominant force in those markets today.

The combination of our technical strength gives the general public access to the latest state of the art technology for the exciting world of Mobile Commerce.

Price and Licensing

Please contact us for more details on pricing and other custom features. We offer several pricing options - licensing and usage based pricings. Pricing based on the number of subscribers (starting as a low as $2/per consumer per month). Customization changes based on specific customer requirements can be done. Integration with end user systems is provided.

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