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Quality drives everything that we do – from technology to processes to human resource practices. We believe that long-term relationships with customers provide the best measure of quality. We are constantly trying to raise the quality bar by introducing novel concepts and stringent controls. Technological expertise would mean very little without robust processes at the back end. That’s why we have honed our internal processes, as much as we have built up our industry knowledge and technical capabilities.

Rapidsoft's Integrated Quality Initiatives

Rapidsoft follows an integrated approach to quality management, with quality initiatives being driven through business-aligned measures. At Rapidsoft, quality has always been viewed from the perspective of the customer, leading to a total quality approach that integrates people and process. Rapidsoft’s total quality framework is optimized simultaneously along five interrelated dimensions of process, organization, culture, infrastructure, and metrics. During all of Rapidsoft’s quality initiatives, all five dimensions have been optimized simultaneously, though incrementally. Processes are aligned with industry best practices and internationally renowned standards and frameworks like International Standards Organization (ISO) 9001, Capability Maturity Model (CMM), People Capability Maturity Model (P-CMM), and Six Sigma methodologies, amongst others. To this effect, we have:

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Rapidsoft's QA Process Results

The maturity of our quality processes takes offshore engagements to another level, ensuring that our customers benefit from:

Quality Processes

At Rapidsoft, quality is customer driven, therefore emphasis has continuously been on integrating and implementing approaches through a simultaneous focus on defect reduction, timeliness, and productivity. This emphasis has translated to lower maintenance costs, schedule-overrun costs, and development costs for customers. Measurements and progress indicators have been oriented towards what the customer deems important and what the customer pays for. Towards this, Six Sigma concepts have played an important role in

The project’s compliance towards the project’s defined process is checked periodically by using the QA Process Area (PA) Rating Checklist. The QA-PA Rating Checklist has questions pertaining to each PA. After completion of each phase/milestone, the project is checked against the relevant PA. Additionally, internal audits are conducted once every quarter. Internal audits are conducted by Rapidsoft Technologies-trained internal auditors. Depending on nature of the project, a project is audited at least once during the project life cycle. The project team meets as a group to share their views and experiences from the project, which typically includes:

Only when our internal quality goals have been met a project becomes eligible for the customer delivery.

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