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Rapidsoft Systems Helps a Major Multinational Mobile Application Producer in Modernizing Its Popular Applications for New Touch Screen Enabled Smart Phones

This is a multinational company involved in some of the most popular mobile applications in the US covering mapping, city information and movie entertainment applications. These applications are widely distributed by all major carriers in the USA such as Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Alltel, US Cellular etc.

Princeton Junction, NJ (October 01, 2009) - Rapidsoft Systems, Inc, the pioneer in global outsourced & offshore software product development, announced today a new engagement with a major multinational mobile application producer in modernizing its popular applications for new touch screen enabled phones. This is a multinational company involved in some of the most popular mobile applications in the US covering mapping, city information and movie entertainment applications. These applications are widely distributed by all major carriers in the USA such as Verizon Wireless, AT&T, T-Mobile, Alltel, US Cellular etc. Rapidsoft's mobile application development team redesigned these applications for smart phones adding touch screen support for these applications, redesigning user interfaces, adding new features and adding support for interactive server based functionality. Most importantly, the mobile application development team completed full True Brew Testing for TBT certifications by NSTL for each released handset for Brew version of the applications. These applications now run over several hundred new devices from manufacturers like Nokia, Blackberry, Motorola, Samsung, Siemens, Sony-Ericsson, etc. and covers new Brew handsets, Blackberry, J2ME and Palm mobile phones.

 Rapidsoft Systems, Inc. has a very strong mobile application development team, who work across all platforms and phones. Rapidsoft System’s professionals had worked with more than 2500+ handsets and with all major US, Canadian, European and Asian carriers. Rapidsoft Systems is a corporate level approved developer for iPhone applications with Apple, and is member of Blackberry Development Alliance with Research in Motion (RIM). Rapidsoft Systems, Inc work closely with NSTL team in arranging True Brew Testing certifications. Rapidsoft's team has expertise to do pre-submission testing & have latest ARM's compiler and tools for Brew development & also to generate suitable MIF files for Brew 3.0. Rapidsoft Systems, Inc has proven experience and skills in whole Brew application development and distribution cycle.

Among the applications that Rapidsoft Systems, Inc have developed are very popular games, mapping applications, city guides, puzzle games, and corporate mobile applications. All these applications are widely distributed by Major US carriers (ATT, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, US Cellular, Alltel etc.). We also work with major European carriers such as Vodafone, Orange, T-Mobile, etc. Rapidsoft Systems, Inc have over 20 years of experience in mobile technologies in designing mobile applications, mobile phones programming - some of us at Rapidsoft Systems even designed cellular phones, pagers, GSM/ CDMA base stations and cellular switching equipments themselves for companies like Motorola, Nokia and Panasonic.

“Mobile application development team has leveraged their domain knowledge which solidify credentials, elevate us in the few mobile software development companies that can work across all major mobile platforms available today,” said Mr. Gurbinder Mavi, VP Sales & Marketing of Rapidsoft Systems, Inc. “With guarantee strong teamwork and release between the client’s local application development team and its Rapidsoft’s engineers, our clients are fruitfully meeting their customer’s outlook for product excellence and accessibility.”

About Rapidsoft Systems, Inc

Rapidsoft Systems, Inc. is an Outsourced & Offshore Software Product Development company with headquarters in the United States and product engineering centers in United States & India. It partners with technology companies and software-enabled businesses to help them bring quality software products to market through dedicated or on-demand offshore engineering teams.

Rapidsoft Systems, Inc. have main office in Princeton, NJ USA , US R&D Center in Mercerville NJ and sales, support and development offices in Palo Alto, CA, USA, Singapore, Bombay and Noida (India).

Rapidsoft Systems, Inc. competence lie in to offer full software product lifecycle services in verticals such as Mobile, Networking, Healthcare, OSS, VoIP, Embedded, Business Intelligence, Security, Finance, Logistics, Social Networking, Media & Entertainment, Gaming, Travel & Hospitality, Education & Training, Web2.0 and Retail. Its technology expertise includes Java/J2EE, C/C++, Ruby on Rails, RDMS, Open Source, SaaS/On-Demand, Siebel CRM, J2ME, Android, Brew, iPhone, Palm Pre, Windows Mobile, Flashlite and Symbian platforms.

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